BiblioCommons Online Catalogue

Importing ‘My Lists’ Content from the Old Catalogue to BiblioCommons

If you saved book lists on the old catalogue (HIP), you can now import the content of these lists to the Library’s new BiblioCommons Discovery Catalogue and use them there.  You do not need to open the old catalogue to do this!  Please note, if you have multiple lists in HIP, only the content of these lists moves over.  The content of the old list is separated into the various formats available on the BiblioCommons 'For Later" shelves during the import process.  You can, after the content is moved over, create new lists and add the imported content into your new BiblioCommons lists.

To import the content of your book lists from the HIP catalogue:

  • Login to your account in BiblioCommons
  • Click on “My WPL” near the top of the page
  • Click on “My Lists” (on red bar)
  • Click on “For Later” (in white) and you will see a link “Import List Items”
  • Once you click on the “Import List Items” link, the content of your booklists will automatically be loaded into your BiblioCommons account.
  • After your list(s) are imported into BiblioCommons you will not see the “Import List Items” link again