Durham College Lecture Series

Durham College Lecture Series

Presented by Durham College faculty members who are experts in their fields, this inspiring and engaging weekly series of talks will cover a variety of subjects.

Central Library Fridays: February 2, 9 and March 2, 9, 23 and April 6, 1:00- 2:30 p.m.
Meeting Room 1
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February 2
Presenter: Stephanie Ball
Topic: Access to Justice - The HUB Pilot
Accessing legal and social services is costly, complicated and often requires the navigation of multiple diverse agencies. The HUB Pilot attempts to address these issues by providing an integrated service delivery model which is resident focused.


February 9
Presenter: Jordanne Christie
Topic: Design Thinking - A Human-Centered Approach to Solving Problems
Design Thinking is a creative mindset and methodology for solving complex problems with a human-centered approach. Focused on user empathy, collaboration, and experimentation, design thinking can be applied in any field—from architecture, business and social innovation, to healthcare, education and beyond. This interactive session will introduce the principles and processes of design thinking and participants will gain hands-on experience with design thinking by engaging in a simple design challenge.


March 2
Presenters: Brian Legree and Teresa Goff
Topic: Journalists, How they do what they do, Why it Matters (and Why you should Consider Paying for their Work)
The fundamental importance of journalism versus the economic crisis the business finds itself in will be explored. Durham College journalism instructors Brian Legree and Teresa Goff will discuss how journalists do their job in a rapidly evolving technological environment and the critical nature of that work. While there is a healthy appetite for the work produced by journalists, the traditional business model that has helped pay for it is eroding rapidly, leading to closures of newspapers and journalism job losses. How should the business model change, so society continues to benefit from the work done by journalists?


March 9
Presenter: K. Jennifer Bedford
Topic: Selfie vs. Self Portrait
What’s the Difference between a Selfie and a Self-Portrait? 

Are selfies simply 21st-Century self-portraits, or are they fundamentally different? Durham College Photography and Video Production Professor K. Jennifer Bedford will explore this topic during this interactive lecture and workshop. Bring your own mobile device and try making your own creative selfie.

K. Jennifer Bedford, Hons B.A. is Professor Video Production and Advanced Filmmaking and Durham College Social Media Ambassador.




March 23
Presenter: Virginia Harwood
Topic: Win-Win - Exploring Interest-Based Mediation
Everyone experiences conflict.  Conflict is natural and if managed properly, can lead to meaningful conversation, collaboration, and positive results. In this interactive session, participants, through conversation and activities, will have an opportunity to explore conflict and apply the interest-based mediation model as a tool to assist in transforming conflict into meaningful conversation. Join us to learn how you may implement the mediation model in your difficult conversations for win-win results.


April 6
Presenter: Melissa Taaffe
Topic: Sitting is the New Smoking - Creating Healthy Office Habits
We will examine the health risks associated with sitting at desks and interacting with computers.  We look at ways to combat these behaviours and practices to relieve the mental and physical stresses of office work and sedentary lifestyles.