Durham College Lecture Series 2017

Durham College Lecture Series 2017

The Durham College Lecture Series has been postponed due to a province-wide work stoppage.

The Series will resume on Friday November 24 and will conclude on Friday December 1.  Thank you for your patience.


Presented by Durham College faculty members who are experts in their fields, this inspiring and engaging weekly series covers a variety of subjects.


Friday, November 17, 2017 (Cancelled)
Presenter: Nicole Mastnak
Title: Nutrition Misinformation: How to Identify Fraud and Misleading Claims
Description:  The media is a major source of information for many people, and comes in multiple forms, including: websites, television, advertisements, social media, radio and newspaper. The trouble with obtaining nutrition news from news media, is that these reporters may be relaying information on a finding, before it has been fully tested.  It's not always just the reporter to blame: sometimes scientists get so excited about their findings, that they leak the information to the media, before it has been through rigorous review by the scientific community.

It also holds true that a person should avoid taking action based on a single study - this is known as acting impulsively, not scientifically. Developing a more critical eye for nutrition news will serve to benefit you if you are guilty of making immediate changes because of a link on your Facebook news feed.


Friday, November 24, 2017 - Confirmed; running regardless of strike
Presenter: Kevin Baker
Title: Disciplining Indigenous Peoples in 21st Century Canada: The Virtual Residential School System
Description: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission and more recently, artist Gord Downie, have done an incredible job raising mainstream awareness about the abuses and atrocities committed in Canada’s residential school system and the horrible, multi-generational pain and suffering that has followed. For many Canadians, residential schools are now a source of considerable shame and embarrassment. We ask ourselves, (with a modicum of moral superiority), how government, churches, and the general public, could have conspired to do something so morally incomprehensible and we tend to view residential schools as some sort of historical oddity. Baker maintains, however, that the cultural reformation, (genocidal), objectives of the residential school system have never really been abandoned by the state. Instead, Baker argues, government has simply modernized and virtualized its disciplinary techniques.


Friday December 1, 2017 - Confirmed; running regardless of strike
Presenter: Jason Vassell
Description:  A police officer’s ability to detect deception during an investigative interview is a science. Lying is a universal language that we are all familiar with both from lying and being lied to. Many times guilty body language and speech gives people away, but sometimes lying can be very subtle. An interview is primarily used to seek the truth and can demonstrate innocence or guilt. In the pursuit of truth, police must also adhere to many rules to ensure that a statement is admissible in court. Let’s explore this topic together!