Book Club in a Bag

Image of Books and a bag.Do you run your own book club? The Whitby Public Library has book club sets that you can borrow to ensure that everyone in your club has a copy of the book. See the Frequently Asked Questions below for more details:


What is Book Club in a Bag?
A Book Club in a Bag contains 12 copies of a book, along with information on the author, some sample questions, and a sign-out sheet to match members with the copy of the book they have.

How do I borrow a Book Club in a Bag?
The Book Club in a Bag must be checked out on one library card, and the person checking out the set is responsible for all 12 copies of the book.

What are the rules for borrowing a Book Club in a Bag?
Each Book Club in a Bag may be borrowed for 6 weeks. All books must be returned in the bag and cannot be renewed. 

Because a Book Club in a Bag may be reserved by another book club, the set must be returned by the date set at the time of booking, regardless as to when the books are physically checked out. Sets can be picked up at any WPL branch.

Can a Book Club in a Bag be reserved in advance?

Yes!  Book Clubs may now schedule Book Club in a Bag kits online using the KitKeeper system. KitKeeper is designed as a self-service tool used to browse WPL's Book Club kit collection, reserve kits, and manage your reservations online. KitKeeper offers a convenient and easy-to-use system for book club leaders.

To use KitKeeper:
1) Click KitKeeper.

2) Once you are in Kitkeeper, choose one of the three options for searching the collection:

    List: Click Go to browse a list of titles before you select.

    Reserve: Select a title from a drop down menu and then click Go.

    Dates: Select a month from the drop down menu and then click Go.

3) After you choose your option, follow the screen prompts to reserve your kit.

4) Enter your contact information. You must provide an email or phone number. If you do not have one of these contact options, please click the unavailable link next to the phone or email fields.

5) You will receive an email confirmation that the reservation has been placed.

6) You will receive notification when your Book Club in a Bag kit is available for pickup.

7) Click on My Kits to manage your reservations.

If you need assistance with the booking of a Book Club in a Bag, please call the library at 905-668-6531, extension 2011 to reserve a set. Reservations may be made up to twelve months in advance.

Where can I return a Book Club in a Bag?
Please return a Book Club in a Bag directly to staff at any WPL branch. Please do not return sets through a book drop.

What are the overdue fees for a Book Club in a Bag?
If a book club bag is returned late, the cost is $3.00 per day. If a book club set is returned with copies missing, the cost is $3.00 per day until all books in the set have been returned. If any of the books are lost or damaged, the replacement cost of the book(s) will be charged.

The person who checks out the Book Club in a Bag is responsible for the return of the bag and all of its contents and also for any lost items or overdue charges.

Where can I get more information about Book Clubs in a Bag?
For more information, please contact the Children and Adult Fiction department of the Central Library. Visit us at the information desk on the first floor, call us at 905-668-6531, extension 2011, or email us at